Research topics

Research Division of Crystal Bond Engineering

Research on Novel Functional Devices Based on Group IV Semiconductor Superstructures

  • Research on SiGeC-Based Semiconductor Devices(ARIMOTO)
  • Studies on ionic-bond semiconductors for solar cell applications(HARA)

Development of New Growth Technique for New Functional Oxides Single Crystals

  • Single Crystal Growth of Environmental Functional Materials(MARUYAMA)
  • Single Crystals Growth of Functional Materials (Mainly Superconductor) and its Characterization(NAGAO)
  • Growth and Novel Function Creation of Oxide Single Crystals(TANAKA)
  • Development of Technique for Crystal Growth Using Infrared Convergent Heating System(WATAUCHI)

Research Division of Crystal Structure Engineering

Control of Crystal Structure by Soft-Chemical Approach

  • Preparation and Crystal Structural Analysis of New Inorganic Compounds(KUMADA)
  • Synthesis of Inorganic-Organic Porous Hybrid and Its Characterization(TAKEI)

Newly Optical Approach for Electric and Lattice Polarization Study in Inorganic Crystals(SYOUJI)

Development and Structural Analysis of New Inorganic Optical Materials(YONESAKI)

Phase Transformations and Nano/Micro-Structure Changes under Various Conditions(YAMANAKA)