Research topics

Research Division of Crystal Bond Engineering

Research on Novel Functional Devices Based on Group IV Semiconductor Superstructures

  • Research on SiGeC-Based Semiconductor Devices(ARIMOTO)
  • Studies on ionic-bond semiconductors for solar cell applications(HARA)

Development of New Growth Technique for New Functional Oxides Single Crystals

  • Single Crystal Growth of Environmental Functional Materials(MARUYAMA)
  • Single Crystals Growth of Functional Materials (Mainly Superconductor) and its Characterization(NAGAO)
  • Growth and Novel Function Creation of Oxide Single Crystals(TANAKA)
  • Development of Technique for Crystal Growth Using Infrared Convergent Heating System(WATAUCHI)

Research Division of Crystal Structure Engineering

Control of Crystal Structure by Soft-Chemical Approach

  • Preparation and Crystal Structural Analysis of New Inorganic Compounds(KUMADA)
  • Synthesis of Inorganic-Organic Porous Hybrid and Its Characterization(TAKEI)
  • Fabrication of Nanocomposite Photocatalysts(YANAGIDA)

Newly Optical Approach for Electric and Lattice Polarization Study in Inorganic Crystals(SYOUJI)

Development and Structural Analysis of New Inorganic Optical Materials(YONESAKI)

Phase Transformations and Nano/Micro-Structure Changes under Various Conditions(YAMANAKA)